Singapore vs Brazil – Ticketing Details

Singapore Select vs Brazil Olympic Squad
Monday, 28 July 2008
National Stadium

Ticketing details:

Tickets for the match go on sale from Tuesday, July 22 at all Sistic outlets

Gallery Student-S$15
(2000 gallery tickets available for students under the age of 16 years old.While stocks last!)

Tickets are available at all Sistic outlets and can also be purchased online at

Free shuttle bus service from 6.30pm – 8.30pm, from Geylang Lor 1 Bus Terminal
(opposite Kallang MRT) will be provided on match day.



  1. i want buy 3 tickets about this match

  2. Students ticket so cheap! I want to buy

  3. this is nonsense man. sg government are wasting our money with such high price ticket for adult. first they want sg to show support den what with the price of the ticket

  4. ex $60 !

  5. pay money to see brazil !

  6. Let’s boycott the match…it’s too ex unless all funds are going to charity organization…

  7. they paid 2 mil for brazil to come here.

  8. will there be ani live telecast for the match cuz i onli 12 den my mum dun let me go……..

  9. ANyone know is there a meet the players session?

  10. viva brazil
    go brazil vs singapore
    thanks for all
    i think wll be a nice show!

  11. hi me again haha i think i gt the best aunt EVER!!!!!! she is bringin me to watch the match!!!!!! oleh!!!!!

  12. he was expensive man

  13. To all u ignorent fellows … its already a relatively small amount the singapore organizers are paying for e brazil team to come here and u cant expect the singapore government to be paying for our tickets rite and hence e ‘high’ price… wad is 60 for a once in a life time chance in seeing the biggest up and coming talents of football in singapore … and for mr angry on July 21, 2008, e match aint a platform for us to show support for the singapore team.. it is like a concert , a extravaganza of beautiful samba football against a LJ singapore team(which at such a level will never have any genuine support no matter how much gov persuasion) and those who wish to be enthralled will be i believe pay this amount just as others would to for a jay chou , rain concert etc
    A message to brazil’s team… For FOOTBALLING SAKE please KICK singapore best 11’s butt and give me and a thousand other football fans at the stadium one hell of a good match to be remembered… make it 30 -0 !!! THANK YOU!

  14. maybe there will be cut-of price if ticket still unsold at last minute?
    anybody has any idea that there will be live telecast?

  15. No telecast leh….

  16. Meeting the players session will be held at Changi Airport bro…Departure Hall of Budget Airline on 29

  17. Go Singapore!! You need all the support you can get. There’s no pressure on you since a lot of people expects you to lose but show our determination and perseverance.

    P.S.: the expensive price is due to the fact we are paying them to play with us

  18. ANY SPONSORS??????

  19. why quite expenses the tickets fees. like Intl friendly match should be cheaper prices for every one. not so many people can efforts the mention price.

  20. any one wanna sell ticket i will like 2 buy…

  21. my guess is 2:7

  22. Which Website will show Singapore Vs Brazil tomorrow 28 July at 8pm online live?

    i want to watch it online live tomorrow but dont know which website. anyone know? 🙂

  23. Which Website will show Singapore Vs Brazil tomorrow 28 July at 8pm online live?

    i want to watch it online live tomorrow but dont know which website. anyone know? 🙂

  24. hey, does anybody know what time is the flight for the brazil olympic team departure? and what time is the meet the players session on tuesday @budget terminal? 🙂 thanks so much!

  25. will there be a live telecast???

  26. YEAH !!!! It is so shiok to see singapore !! i think singapore got a high chance to win !! definitely !!! SONG BO !!!! singapore is the team that got ronaldiho and bato all that rite ? Brazil got who ? lionel lewis ? and who ar ? fadi ahmad still inside is it ?


  28. score will be 20 : 0 .. 20 for brazil , if they play seriously… no doubt… pls dont resist, its a fact… brazil forever..

  29. fuck u all cheap bastards saying 60$ is too high
    60$ is the price of vodka at 7 11.
    singapore has a long way to go, in all aspects.

  30. warh no telecast how can this be i want to see ronaldinho played!!first time see him played in singapore!!

  31. I think that alot of Singaporeans are all cheap assholes who want freebies…..

    Live telecast for a game in which BRAZIL has come to Singapore ? Idiots don’t think this will cost $!

  32. here the link 2 watch live

  33. dhhrjydhfdhtfdhtdhhdfdshjtdhdfsdfdgsdgdgsdr

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