AFF U-16 : Singapore 1-1 Australia

Singapore put up a gutsy display on the fourth match day of the AFF Under-16 Youth Championships here at the Stadion Lebak Bulus when they held tournament favourites Australia to a 1-1 draw.

The Aussies went ahead in the 42nd minute of play through Kerem Bulut before Singapore replied from Muhammad Muhaymin Salim in the 46th minute.

Singapore now only need a draw against Indonesia to set up a clash between Malaysia or Bahrain for the third and fourth placing.Good luck to Singapore Under-16.


Other Result:



  1. Link Added mate.

    Please add mine in return.


  2. how it can be?

  3. i will add you in a short while

  4. If it isn’t added soon then I will remove the link.


  5. Wish you all good luck in match against Indonesia.. I hope Singapore will meet Malaysia for the third and fourth placing “IF” we can beat Bahrain first.. huhuhu 🙂

  6. oopps my mistake.. if Malaysia win over Bahrain today.. Malaysia will be n the Grand Final… hehehe 😛

  7. good luck lah malaysia….semoga boleh!!!

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