Fandi’s sons – Irfan and Ikhsan – are set for European stint with Valencia next weekend

Their father was the first Singapore footballer to stamp his mark on Europe.

Now, two of Fandi Ahmad’s sons are set to retrace his famous footsteps – although at a much younger age.

Irfan, 10, and Ikhsan, eight – Fandi’s elder sons – have been invited by Spanish club Valencia for a stint with their academy team next weekend.

This, after the boys received glowing reviews from European club scouts and coaches after they impressed at AC Milan’s junior football camp in Malaga, Spain, last week.Report

Our next superstar in the making….



  1. dulu mmg minat ngan fandi ahmad ngan abas saad..
    hehe..teringin nk tgk singapore masuk liga malaysia…

  2. mmg byk org nak spore masuk liga malaysia tapi mustahil sb spore ade liga pro sendiri

  3. cam ne dengan perkembangan liga pro sane,,
    tu la..nmpak meriah jer..
    bro sokong team mne kt sane..

  4. Sure let’s exchange links..I’ll link your blog first 🙂

  5. The superstars wanna be! I kow them very well and i see that they are potential to be the real superstars! Congratulation Fandi!

  6. congrats neighbor……
    we are not short of talent here as well…..
    but the football management here dont allow all these talent expanding…..

    i couldnt see where our football is heading as long as the biggest bookie is the mr.FAMpresident himself…….. what a shame…..

  7. The fandi ahmad sons reveal true talent and sportmentship. the chain of fandi ahmads children go to STB -ACS. irfan and iksan show greeat talnet on the feild even in school, and next folowing behind there trails are irian iman and ilhan.

  8. IKHSAN IS THE BEST MAN ! !.He is my best friend and my buddy

  9. Thank you to all who have left a reply, i really appreciate the messages from u guys thank you.

    Ikhsan Fa

  10. i know iman as she is in my class . i am proud of her

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